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Beckett wasn’t vilified as he was going 6-6 in 2010. He wasn’t despised for his relentless and curious injuries. He was actually kind of revered for being a take no [bleep] personality, an attitude that most presumed produced his production on the mound. Turns out, we were all hoodwinked as that relentless persona got out of control, transforming a hardened athlete into an enabled, unproductive albatross.

“I may not be the media darling, but I answer questions. That’s it,” Beckett told Bradford.

Except when he, you know…didn’t. Except when he brushed aside last season’s epic collapse during spring training. Except for the multiple times he wasn’t there to answer after yet another shelling. Except when he was cowardly hiding in the clubhouse while his teammates imploded.

Oh, Josh Beckett. You’re a freakin’ joke.

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