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. The Period

Deadspin, Gawker, and GQ’s Drew Magary, author of the recent novel The Postmortal: “I’m a big fan of the period, because it means that I can take a little breather. Michael Chabon wrote a novel recently that had a 12-page sentence. Why would you do that to a reader? What kind of asshole doesn’t give the reader a break once in a while? Get me to the period so that I can take a moment to digest and go eat a Pop Tart or something. Withholding that period from me is a real dick move. I also like parentheses because I can do whatever the hell I want inside of them. Commas are the worst because eight billion people have eight billion different ideas about where they’re supposed to go.”

You stay awesome, Drew Magary. (Writers’ Favorite Punctuation Marks)

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